The Woodlands, TX

Garage Door Repair & Replacement in The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands, TX is a township of approximately 131,000 residents and is about 30 minutes away from the city of Houston, TX. Founded back in 1974, the Woodlands area is home to approximately 2,000 businesses and is well known for its beautiful nature parks, recreation, golf, corporate buildings, schools, shopping, dining, hospitality, healthcare and so much more. This township is an amazing place to enjoy the pure beauty of nature in Southern Texas with over 133 parks and nearly 210 miles of biking and hiking trails available for the public. The Woodlands township offers a family community environment that is the perfect place to raise a family and start a career in the big city of Houston, TX. With one of the lowest property tax rates in the country, The Woodlands has become a popular place for people to settle down in this quaint and friendly area. 

Door Mart Services is proud to offer our garage door repair, replacement and maintenance services to the residents in The Woodlands. We want to ensure that every home in this township looks as beautiful as the nature that surrounds it. With over 2,000 businesses in the area, we also offer commercial overhead doors for convenience to business owners. 

If you are in The Woodlands, TX Area and need a reliable garage door service, give Door Mart Services a call today!